We are pleased to present the NEW Fixed mechanical level gauge FIX.PGA, specifically designed to be used on hydraulic circuits and, more generally, on machinery / equipment subject to strong vibrations.

This new model of fixed mechanical level indicator offers several advantages:

  • It does not require power supply;
  • It is sturdy and reliable also in severe use conditions both in terms of pressure and temperature;
  • It is very accurate: it has indeed been designed so that the pointer is not affected by vibrations and sudden variations in the flow of the fluid contained in the tank;
  • It has a new dial specifically studied to identify both the optimal range in the amount of oil that must be present in the tank to ensure the regular operation of the machine (green area) and the levels at risk of malfunctioning or even dangerousness of the same (red areas);
  • Different lengths available, also customized, according to the depth.

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