Our History

We are a historical Italian company that has been designing and manufacturing for over 40 years caps, level gauges and filler necks for fuel, lubricant and auxiliary tanks. Our tank plugs and mechanical level gauges are mainly used on power generator sets, agricultural and industrial machines, on scooters and motorcycles, on hydraulic equipment and in nautical sector.

Tappi Stampati Today

Experience acquired during over forty years activity, professionalism in design and continuous research of technical innovation contributed to the success of Tappi Stampati that, still now, is considered one of the main points of reference in its field, both at national and international level. Even today, all items are appreciated and used by the most prestigious manufacturers in the overall market, to the extent that the Company can boast customers in all continents. The continuous relationship with these companies proves quality and reliability of our products and it’s our best reference. Quality and guarantee of all our production are ensured firstly by the exclusive use of top-grade raw materials, certified according to current European and American laws, as well as by the use of state-of–the-art machines and tools, and by the precious work of our highly specialized staff. This care for the product assures at the same time reliability and guarantee of long durability also in extreme conditions. Our customers’ satisfaction and the continuous and long lasting relationship with them have always been our priority. Our technical knowledge is at disposal to understand and analyze their requests and provide optimal solutions for the most varied application needs. Today too our products are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy. The experience in motorcycles sector meant that in all products, also in the ones destined to industrial fields, a particular importance is given, as well as to functionality and safety, to aesthetic aspect too. Our products are also designed to simplify and make faster their installation in most applications. Some components’ manufacturers, given the increasing interest of the market, have tried to copy several products of our, thus attacking the market with similar solutions but of much lower quality and not consistent with current European and American safety regulations, that are today the highest reference standards and the best guarantee for users. Our product, on the contrary, is not only competitive thanks to the high organizational capacity and the optimized production processes, but it complies with all applicable safety regulations and it is designed and manufactured respecting the rights of people we work with as well as safety at the work and environmental regulations.

Tappi Stampati Yesterday.

A rundown of the most important moments of Tappi Stampati


Foundation Year

Tappi Stampati was established in 1970 in Via Dal Lino, Bologna, a short walk from Portico of San Luca…with the handcrafted production of two caps for motorcycles, designed and carried out by the founder Mr Giuliano Cau.


Production Extends

After two years only from its constitution, the Company moved to the present factory in Castel Maggiore and started the series manufacturing of several models of caps for fuel and lubricants tanks, becoming supplier of the most prestigious motorcycles manufacturers of the day, like MOTO GUZZI, DUCATI, BENELLI, MV AGUSTA, LAVERDA and MOTO MORINI.



These partnerships were the springboard that allowed to TAPPI STAMPATI to become, in few year, a national leader in the field of caps for motorcycles sector, also thanks to its participation to the first editions of EICMA fair in Milan.



Later the Company consolidated its national leadership acquiring other important clients, like MOTO MALACA, ITALJET, MALAGUTI, GARELLI and APRILIA, finally going out national borders in the 90s with supplies to YAMAHA – MBK group.


Turning Point

The 2000s marked the turning for products innovation and their diversification in many other sectors of application, like agricultural, industrial, nautical, aeronautical and recreational, that flanked the well-established ones of motorcycles, custom bikes, off-road motorcycles and scooters.


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