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Production and sale of a wide selection of mechanical level indicator caps with float and dial with pointer for the check of the height of fluid in petrol, diesel, biodiesel, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil or cleansers tanks. Available level indicator caps with bayonet coupling and threaded level indicator caps in variable lengths from 90 mm to 540 mm and different materials. We also have level indicators to be fixed directly to the tanks. Possibility to customize lengths, colors and dials.

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Fixed mechanical fluid level gauge to be screwed, with black pointer and 4 colors dial
Fixed mechanical level gauge

Fixed mechanical level gauge in plastic, steel and brass, with different types of sealing gasket in relation to the fluid in the tank. It’s available hermetic or ventilated and in different lengths (minimum 90 mm, maximum recommended 540 mm: for longer lengths we suggest you to…

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Fixed mechanical visual level indicator FIX.PGA to be screwed for hydraulic circuits with three-color dial to indicate the optimal hydraulic oil level
Fixed mechanical level gauge FIX.PGA

Fixed mechanical level gauge FIX.PGA for hydraulic circuits as well as for oil and fuel tanks, in plastic, steel, aluminum and brass, with different types of sealing gasket in relation to the fluid in the tank. The level gauge FIX.PGA has been…

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