Niches / Deckfill Holder

External plastic deck fill holders for soundproofed enclosures, canopies, industrial machines, containers, boats and inflatable boats. Our conical flush-mount niches are studied to house our deck fillers, tank caps, emergency buttons and other instruments. Our niches are made of high quality plastic UV resistant.

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970 internal bayonet filler necks passage 40 mm with flange
Caps / Plugs
Filler Necks / Filling Systems
Mechanical Gauges
Niches / Deckfill Holder
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Protective niche for stop Emergency push button switch
Protective niche for Emergency stop push button

Plastic Emergency stop push button switch protective cover with aluminium silkscreened plate. This product can be supplied in a wide range of colors (black, blue, red, green) for various needs in different application sectors. On request, we supply the protective…

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