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M80X2 female threaded tank cap with key in aluminium material, equipped with lock protection door
M80X2 tank cap with key

M80X2 tank cap with key, female threaded, in sand-blast zama material, passage diameter 72 mm with sealing gasket; it is also equipped with lock protection door to protect it from dust, debris residues and rainwater. It is available ventilated and, on request, hermetic. This product can be combined with our…

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M80X2 steel filler neck male threaded to be welded
M80X2 threaded filler neck

M80X2 filler neck male threaded, in steel or stainless steel material, to be welded or screwed on tanks. On request, we can supply versions complete of removable filter. This product is compatible with our M80X2 tank cap with key, ALU M80X2 tank cap and…

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Spare keys with fixed code 100 for tank caps

We supply spare keys with fixed code 100 and 921 for our tank caps. It is also available the spare part of the key with fixed code 455, perfectly interchangeable with the other models with the same code on the…

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