General Sales Conditions

If not differently stated in an agreement subscribed by the Sales Department of Tappi Stampati, the present General Sales Conditions will apply to all orders and will be considered fully accepted if the client (hereafter mentioned as “the Customer”) will not send a written refusal statement within 15 days from receipt of first supply.

Orders are subjected to the clause “with the exception of our confirmation”. In case the Customer should partially or totally cancel an existing order, he will sustain all costs arising from the consequent expenses.

Times and dates of delivery are specified in our offer and are subsequently confirmed at order receipt.
The indicated term of delivery is not binding, because it is intended exclusively except unforeseen, fortuitous or force majeure events. Tappi Stampati cannot be held responsible, nor will have to pay penalties for late deliveries due to the above mentioned causes. Possible late deliveries cannot imply the interruption of payments or the cancellation of orders.
The terms of delivery are not therefore stringent; the Customer has not the right to partially or totally refuse goods or to request compensations in case of late shipments or deliveries.
The goods, even if shipped in carriage paid, have to be delivered to the Customer’s address by truck: unloading and storing operations are not to be requested to the driver and are at total expenses of the consignee.
The goods travel at total risk of the Customer. This is valid both in case the goods are shipped with transportation means that are property of Tappi Stampati, and/or if they are sent by carriers/forwarding agents, even different from the ones indicated by the Customer itself.
Upon request of the Customer, it will be possible to ensure the shipment with “All Risk” formula, and all costs will be invoiced to Customer.
Possible complaints for damages or irregularities during transportation will have to be communicated directly and formally to the carrier/forwarding agent and their description will have to be written on the transportation document to be given back to the carrier/forwarding agent.
Tappi Stampati will not refund the Customer in case of non-delivery.

All products are guaranteed against construction defects for 1 (one) year from delivery date. A defective product is a product which is different from the one previously approved and accepted by the Customer and/or different from the sample approved by the Customer.
When the Customer’s order is made after the receipt of a sample, this means that the sample has been approved.
Returning of goods have to be authorized by Tappi Stampati’s Sales Department and will have to arrive at our warehouse in carriage paid, preferably in the original boxes, with the original markings and identification numbers, within 15 days from receipt date. Goods will have to be returned in the original conditions, without damages nor tampering. Tappi Stampati will inspect defective products: if they will come out to be different from the one previously approved by the Customer, Tappi Stampati has faculty to decide if they have to be substituted or repaired under guarantee conditions.
The guarantee of Tappi Stampati is invalidated in case the product is tampered , improperly used or modified by unauthorized personnel.
This guarantee is invalidated in case of direct or indirect damages made by the Customer.
As far as all components used for the products are concerned, which are not directly made by Tappi Stampati (rings, locks, springs etc.), they are guaranteed on the basis of the guarantee terms established by their respective producers (suppliers of Tappi Stampati).
All components have been projected and tested according to the most recent sector know-how: Tappi Stampati cannot directly check the final use of its products and will therefore consider valid the Customer’s acceptance inspection.

Upon request, Tappi Stampati is available to cooperate with the Customer in order to produce customized and personalized products. It is in any case agreed that the Customer has to state that he has checked the validity of the product to the use to which it is destined, and that he takes all risks and responsibility deriving from the use of the product.

The prices of the products refer to the price list valid at the time the order is placed and will remain fixed and invariable until the complete delivery of the order confirmed by Tappi Stampati.

Times and terms of payment are indicated on our offer and/or order confirmation.
Payment arrears according to the agreement will result in the automatic application of interests which will be charged according to the Central European Bank rates plus 7% increase. The above-mentioned interest payments will be automatically applied the day after the first missed payment term, without the debtor’s approval.
Tappi Stampati has the faculty to suspend or cancel all orders until all previous payments are balanced.

Bologna’s Court is in charge of any dispute.
Brand, logo and distinctive marks are exclusive property of Tappi Stampati Srl: any use without previous written authorization is prohibited.

In case one or more terms of this agreement is proved for any reason to be invalid, illegal or inapplicable, the term will be considered cancelled, but the other terms will remain valid applicable and binding for both parties.